Over the past 11 years, our events division has donated quietly, yet significantly to individuals, non-profits and causes in which we believed. We’ve given time, resources and funding, and in our own small way, tried to make the cycling world a better place.

Our efforts have been made privately and anonymously, because our goal was generosity, not recognition. To us, our backcountry permits carried with them an obligation to give back. Our events include The Breck Epic MTB Stage Race and Epic Week, The Vail Outlier Offroad Festival,  and a handful more, each an experience unto itself. It’s become time to formalize their legacy.

The formation of the Epic Legacy Foundation allows us to harness the influence of our event division. We seek to improve the backcountry experience in our host communities for all users, while using our reach and voice to educate those who’ve yet to be enlightened on the basic principles of stewardship and responsible use.

Pictured: Breck Epic’s legendary Wheeler Stage with Mt Quandary lurking in the background. Image courtesy Liam Doran Photography.


We’re a public and media relations company (Uncommon Communications) with an event production division (The Greenspeed Project). And now a non-profit arm (The Epic Legacy Foundation). We’re poised to tackle the following four initiatives in 2019 and beyond;

  1. ENHANCE: Improve the trail experience in Summit, Eagle and Routt Counties by authoring tangible trail improvements in each community.
  2. FUND: Pursue funding and partners to augment the efforts of Breck Open Space, Summit County Open Space, Eagle County Open Space the BLM and the US Forest Service as well as the incredible trail-centric non-profits operating in all three counties.
  3. PROMOTE: Increase trail project volunteerism with effective marketing and the utilization of our industry partnerships to provide promotional items and goodie bags
  4. EDUCATE: Employ our reach, audience and voice to promote adherence to stewardship principles and responsible use among Colorado’s residents and visitors.

Pictured: Riders navigate a Stage 3 of Outlier Offroad Festival Enduro in Vail. Image courtesy Eddie Clark Media.

Our Board

This initial board of directors represents a group of individuals who’ve expressed their commitment to protecting Summit County’s trails as well as trail access. They are, to a person, knowledgeable and committed. The board will (and must) grow to include members from both the Vail Valley and Steamboat Springs. After all, that point-to-point trail from Vail Pass to Gypsum (among other things) isn’t going to build itself.

Jeff Cospolich, Summit
Ellen Hollinshead, Summit
Matt Powers, Summit
Scott Reid, Summit
Dave Rossi, Summit
Mike McCormack, Executive Director, Eagle

Image courtesy Andrew Wilz Photography